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Motor Yacht Captain - MCA Master Mariner Class I

Welcome to my Professional Portfolio

Managing  your  traveling  asset  is  taken  with  pride !

              MCA Master unlimited                     PADI Dive Master                       Zodiac and Water Sports                     RYA PWC Instructor

Presenting target-educated professional mariner with Maritime Academy "Navigation and marine Engineering" Masters Degree Diploma after 6 years study course.  Following 20 years proven Worldwide sea-going track record, I am  now an established and certified unlimited area & tonnage Nautical Captain with respect-earning mindset and high safety standards from the Commercial fleet school, MCA Master Mariner keeping finger on the industry pulse to dedicate the rest of my career for:

Motor Yacht Captain (any size) - the trusted Company man and strong crew team bond focusing on the quality service and comfort for Owner and Guests, the dynamic blend of democratic and charismatic leader styles with a strong team spirit, retaining high safety standards in emergency situations


Managerial shore-based position on Cote d'Azur area - to contribute my team spirit, punctuality and multitasking organizational skills to the right role, naturally extending ashore my sea-going track record experience, ISM and ISPS fine practices and Maritime Conventions vast knowledge and proficiency

Standing out from the crowd with my professional achievements

      - MCA Master Mariner Class I ticket (unlimited Captain with no tonnage, sailing area limitations) and MCA AEC (basic Engineering) certificate

    - Worldwide experience through all Oceans and busy tidal waters of more than 75 countries, handling single and twin screw to Azipod prop
        - Scratch-free docking ability for fine close-quarters Tender- and Yacht-handling proven in my experience since 2008 (20m-75m Motor Yachts)
        - 15 excellent written professional references by respected Captains and professionals in the Yachting Industry (in track records footer below)
       - Up to date STCW BST, ISM (Ship Safety Officer), ISPS (Ship Security Officer) GMDSS GOC,ECDIS certified and MLC 2006 compliant Navigator
    - Essential extra Yachting accreditation from associations like RYA (PWC/Jet-ski Instructor), PADI (SCUBA Dive Master) and IKO (Kite Surfer)
    - Maritime University graduate-Masters Degree (M.Sc. in Navigation) after complete 6 years study course in a prestigious Maritime Academy
           - Successful UKLAP (UK Legal and Administrative Processes) course and exam in Antibes before MCA official for captaining UK flagged vessels
    - PADI SCUBA Dive Master - qualified to certify and guide first time guest divers as well as lead certified divers on a local and refresher dives
          - Valuable business relations and professional connections within the Yachting Industry for quality crews hire sourcing and timely replacement

Possessing wide range of skills proven and polished throughout my 20+ years sea-going experience

    - Extensive GRP, Aluminum and Steel hull & superstructure repairs and maintenance, detailing techniques and treatment products knowledge

       - Deck equipment and cleaning chemicals sourcing, inventory, maintenance and tasks logging through various software programs as IDEA etc.

    - Handling harsh take - over conditions - starting from scratch under exceptional circumstances where no or a time - limited handover occurs
   - Intelligent marine high-tech Bridge equipment operator, yet well-versed with old-school navigation, maneuvering, astronomy, seaworthiness

  - Versatile and diplomatic liaison with institutions, authorities and yacht company management, adhering to budget frames where such exist
      - Advanced knowledge and RYA PWC Instructor qualification for conducting, supervising, risk-assess and safely manage water sport activities
   - Racing sailing yachts ex - competitor, member of the National Team with many Silver and Gold medals and cups won for my local Yacht Club
  - Outgoing personality, keen Windsurfer, passionate diver and photographer, certified starter Kite-surfer from Abu Dhabi/UAE Kite surf school

- Advanced computer/MS Office and HTML user with good administrative skill and sufficient Engine, AV/IT and auxiliary equipment erudition
      - Certified and proven excellent English fluency (MARLINS course including test of spoken English with result: Advanced User scored 98% link)

My track record crosses 3 industries since year 2000 through the World's busiest traffic zones on water crafts 20m-300m

Yachting Fleet 

(as Chief Officer and Captain year 2008 to present)

Always having my finger on the pulse of the yachting industry!

July 2018                                                                     (Master and Owner's representative)                                                           50m MY Latona

- 50m CRN Motor Yacht - truly proud in taking the wheel and being overall in charge of this new brilliant project built and launched at Ancona shipyard in April 2018.

Joined her in Italy to find a strong team of 8 crew on-board along with an efficient professional shore-based management support. In tight time frame, I found the right approach to crew and Owners so to hit the waves sailing in safety through her busiest months of high Med season 2018 where French, Italian Riviera, Corsica, and Sardinia were our season's sailing grounds to satisfy the expected heightened Owners' interest, impatient to enjoy their brand new fine sailing asset.

All through the Med season 2018, I managed to build up a strong professional relation in liaison with CRN after-sales department and rest attending on-the-go sub-contractors, so to facilitate this custom project beauty turn into perfectly working synergy accommodating her Owners and Guests for an unforgettable cruising.

Her conspicuous presence at Sting's summer concert In September 2018 @Yacht Club de Monaco was carefully prepared under my supervision to give the event a pleasant luxury companion with an after-taste style to remember. Same month I managed to prepare and present her at the Monaco Yacht Show as the newest unique yacht this range afloat and was honored to head with my Captain's interview the Captain's section of the iconic yachtie's magazine Dockwalk January 2019.

Winter 2018-2019 in Genova I managed her yard haul period in liaison with: CRN after-sales department, Amico yard project management and yacht's shore-management to have her completed safe and successful 2nd challenging high Mediterranean season 2019 (off the beaten track covering wide portions of the Med sea:  Italy, Tunisia, Spain, Balearic islands Nature Reserves and less known wild places like Columbretes islands, Delta d'Erbe, Gulf of Lion, etc).

Oversaw MY Latona winter 2019/2020 warranty haul-out yard period at CRN shipyard - Ancona for a final details tune, to have her re-launched and proving fine quality and smooth operation through East Mediterranean high seasons 2020/21 on her safe cruising under my command with happy Owner & Guests ever since.

"The Captain has long had a history of sailing, translating it into a career after representing Bulgaria in regattas around Europe. His love of the water is equaled by his passion for learning and his commercial career prepared him well for super-yachts. His latest charge, MY Latona, is CRN's newest 50-meter build to date..." (My Captain's interview article in Dockwalk magazine)

February 2018 - May 2018                                        (Master and Owner's representative)                                                           50m MY Rocket

- 50m Heesen Motor Yacht Rocket - overall in charge of this 2012 built private Heesen Motor Yacht cruising the Middle East waters . Joined MY Rocket mid her Dubai season with permanent presence of Owner on-board and regular (up to 10 guests) guest events. Ran with 12 international crew, I liaised with 2 managements - of Owner's side and an Owner's agency, I managed her through her Med preparation yard maintenance period in Dubai in May 2018.

" ... He had mentored my steps into this challenging industry all along my time on-board and never failed to give a hand through to all crew needs and attend each crew request. His continued diligence and efforts for a comfortable and safe environment for the crew and guests cannot remain unnoticed. Since my day one on-board MY Rocket up until my disembarkation I have ..."  (Captain V. Velkov)

September 2017 - November 2017                          (Master and Owner's representative)                                    50m MY Fly Me to the Moon

- 50m Bilgin Motor Yacht Fly Me to the Moon - overall in charge of this 2012 built Motor Yacht cruising the Mediterranean Sea on a temporary season completion assignment. Joined without handover from ex-Captain who has left before my joining, I managed to form a new and good crew team and hit the waves on regular owner's trips. Back to a productive cooperation with renowned shore-based management YPI for successfully solving all industry challenges on our way along.
"... During his time on-board, the Captain showed professionalism, flexibility and good cooperation with Owner's office staff along with regular liaison with YPI management team. Our work together was well productive and fruitful throughout his command of MY Fly Me to the Moon. I am looking forward to work..."  (N. Todorova - Yacht manager at YPI - Yachting Partners International Monaco)

August 2014 - September 2017                                 (Master and Owner's representative)                                                       50m MY Let It Be

- 48m Heesen Motor Yacht Let It Be - overall in charge of this 2007 built Motor Yacht running with 9 crew members and cruising the Mediterranean Sea. Joined without handover from my predecessor I managed to build a great crew team and meet the challenging 3-weeks notice to bring the yacht up to standard for her shining presentation on Cannes boat show and the following Monaco Yacht festival. Handling the budget frames, managing the yacht day-to-day business without shore management support, accounting for crew and supplies, sourcing quotations, provisioning, handling crew shortlisting and disciplinary issues, liaison with shore contractors for maintenance and spare parts delivery, establishing strong professional relation with services contractors and sale brokers, meeting the statutory flag requirements for safety equipment, flag and class certificates are just a few aspects of my achievements on-board this yacht. However, I have also benefited from both yacht shows by building many new professional relations and business contacts thus expanding my professional horizon. After the winter maintenance period in Spain in early 2015 I oversaw her dry-docking haul-out period in MB92 Barcelona shipyard, passed successfully Class and Flag Surveys, and prepared the yacht for the high Mediterranean season. Evident for my efforts and achievements on-board are the three excellent written professional references - one from the Owner, one from the central brokerage agency Gaspard Yachting and one from Chief Engineer Milen Kolev. Referees-Owner, Manager and broker at Gaspard Yachts, Chief Engineer served along.

"... I would like to take this time to express my satisfaction and appreciation by the way this yacht was presented on both Cannes and Monaco Yacht Festivals under the captaincy of the Captain - MCA Master Mariner with many sea miles under his belt and valuable qualifications. Joined just 3 weeks before Cannes boat show with no handover from his predecessor the Captain ..." (Owner of the yacht)

" I would like to thank you for your excellent work and your kind assistance in the preparation and presentation of  the yacht at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014. You and your crew have shown a great professionalism... I would also like to thank you for conducting visits with our clients in the kindest and most professional way. I am looking ..." (P. Badin - Manager of central broker agency at Gaspard Yachts)

"It gives me pleasure to congratulate the Captain for his great service and good cooperation on-board. He was in command of the yacht when I joined as Chief Engineer in April 2016 and after a long commercial track record as Chief Engineer I truly benefited and enjoyed being introduced to the fine yachting industry by an established and professional yacht Captain ..." (Chief Engineer M. Kolev)

May 2014 - August 2014                                                 (Master and Owner's representative)                                                43m MY Mona Liza

- 43m Westship charter Motor Yacht Mona Liza - overall in charge of this Westship built and Marshall Islands flagged commercially registered Motor Yacht run with 8 international crew members, up to 10 Guests and cruising in the Adriatic Sea. Responsibilities and activities included but not limited to: Crew recruitment, shortlisting and management, Safety equipment maintenance, sourcing and servicing, Charter planning and management, Guest relation and communications, Food and Provisioning, Charter expenses and crew wages accounting, Adhering to budget frames, Yacht and tender close-quarters maneuvering and docking, Water sports planning, and risk assessment, Crew disciplinary issues handling, Running Mini ISM system,  Interior / Exterior management and provisioning, Statutory Flag and Class requirements implementation, liaison with local Authorities and Yacht Charter Agents.

"...the Captain swiftly and efficiently managed to gain their respect, establish his authority and show as a strong team bond for a very short period available. Along with recruiting all the rest crew positions sourcing and shortlisting profiles by himself without shore management support whatsoever, he managed to form a successful team, learn yacht specifics and get all up to charter-ready standard within challenging 2 weeks' time before guests' arrival in Tivat" (Chief Stewardess R. Kozhuharova)

April 2012 - May 2014                                                             (Master and Chief Officer)                                                                 70m MY Nomad

- 70m Oceanfast Motor Yacht Nomad - annually 9 months straight as Chief Officer and Relief Captain on-board 70m Oceanfast build Mega Motor Yacht with full ISM and ISPS systems in place, cruising Mediterranean sea on Private and Charter use. Multinational crew, very busy tight schedule as an ISM Safety, ISPS Security and Environmental Officer passed successfully internal and external ISM and ISPS Audits with no remarks or non-conformity. Head of the Deck Department of four Deck crew including 2nd Officer. Hands-on maneuvering, docking, provisioning, accounting, planned and unplanned maintenance, heavy anchor and sea-going watch-keeping, water sports, Drills and checks, new crew joining members familiarization, yacht business correspondence, liaise with sub-contractors and running her day-to-day business routine operations. Overseen her annual dry dock period, planned and unplanned maintenance. The last period I served as Captain for 3 months straight. Referee - Chief Engineer MY Nomad - M. Hristov.

"... very well educated, more than 10 years experienced and MCA top certified marine professional I worked with on-board. He has what it makes a good team bond and leader - very good people management  ..." (Chief Engineer M. Hristov)

June 2011 - September 2011                          (Chief Officer and Staff Captain - 3 months relief contract)                            50m MY Anedigmi

- 50m Oceanco Motor Yacht Anedigmi - through her busiest charter season period cruising South of France, Italian Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia on a 3 months relief position as a Staff Captain / Chief Officer. I quickly adapted to the team and earned respect as a Head of the Deck Department of four deck crew, handling my assignments as ISM, ISPS, GMDSS GOC, Navigational and Environmental Officer, Stand-alone Watch-keeping Officer, and running day-to-day Yacht business, stock control, LSA, FFE, and Deck maintenance through IDEA software, organizing and supervising the guests safety in daily swimming and water sports activities with jet-ski, wave-runners and sea-bob, water-ski and inflatables towing. Referee - Captain Hans Joachim Rost.

"... has a high level of professionalism. With his roots in merchant marine his standards are considerably higher as of what you normally find in the Yachting Industry " (by Captain H. J. Rost as posted on my LinkedIn website profile)


March 2010 - April 2011                                                         (Captain and Chief Officer)                                      75m Crown Prince MY Rabdan

- 75m Hanseatic Marine Motor Yacht Rabdan of United Arab Emirates Royal Family - cruising the Arabian Gulf as a Chief Officer and on multiple occasions a Captain. Started from scratch when joined ghost boat with no crew to take over from, I brought the yacht to her best operational standard in the shortest period possible to receive her Principle - His Highness the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi! MY Rabdan was under a very short constant notice of readiness and kept in a pristine exterior state by my Department. She was registered as a Passenger class Yacht with a full ISM system running on-board hence involving me in a very busy and high-standard Safety and Security duties and maintenance daily tasks, which lead her successfully through several spotless internal and external ISM Audits. Performing the Passenger-vessel-standard Safety Drills and training, improving the existing safety arrangements and Policy, suggesting and implementing Safety and Security amendments, organizing the maintenance of the Safety, Security and Deck equipment and water toys were my daily routines. I managed my Department to prepare her for the YAS "Grand Prix Formula 1" prestigious event in 2010 and oversaw her major refit in ADSB Shipyard in 2010/2011. Having withstood the huge Captain's turnover I was taking over and handing over to every next-joined Captain - altogether 6 Captains, also had the chance to maneuver her alone on a few occasions for docking with moderate headwinds in the very tight Yas Marina on anchor-alongside-stern-to scheme. I was additionally in charge and assigned as the Yacht's car driver providing for the Yacht supplies and running all administrative tasks as well as her day-to-day business throughout Abu Dhabi where-from I gained valuable knowledge of the local suppliers and high-end yacht service providers. All my assignments as the Ship's ISM Safety Officer, Ship's ISPS Security and Environmental Officer, and Head of Deck Department of four crew (including a Second Officer) I conducted with dedication, professionalism, and pride having it proven by excellent written references given by two very respected professionals - Captain Stig Lungstrom and Captain Howard Crowther.

 "... has proven himself to be an excellent Chief Officer, who had to perform his duties in difficult circumstances. Joining the Yacht after the entire crew had been dismissed, he had to learn the vessel, create and incorporate routines and systems from scratch & without assistance... Head of the Deck Department of four crew he has assumed command of the vessel on several occasions ..." (Capt S. Lungstrom)


"... He joined the Yacht at a very difficult juncture, just after the entire previous crew had left the Yacht, & was one of the first of the new crew to take over. The Yacht, & his Department specifically had to be made operational in the shortest period possible in order to be ready to receive her Owner, The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, at very short notice. This he achieved, showing quiet competence & good organizational ability.  He was notably conscientious & willingly undertook any responsibility I placed upon him ..." (Captain H. Crowther)

 April 2009 - October 2009                                             (Chief Officer and Assistant Engineer)                                                    39m MY Agatha

- 39m Ferretti Motor Yacht Agatha- as a Chief Officer and Assistant Engineer cruising the West Mediterranean Sea with duties as a stand-alone Officer of Watch, ISM Safety and ISPS Security Officer,  Navigational Officer - Charts corrections and Routes preparation, lines-handling, maneuvering, Deck maintenance, deckies management, hands-on full hull sides and stainless steel polishing, wash-downs, varnishing and touch-up painting, Safety Drills, training and crew familiarization, Yacht supplies and stock-control, GMDSS Radio Officer and Medical Officer duties, Oversaw her dry-docking period in AMICO shipyard - Genoa/Italy. Participated in Yacht Wave Runners and Jet Ski RYA certification along with my RYA PWC Operator and RYA PWC Instructor course, exam and certification by UK RYA Inspector. Undertook my MCA AEC course, exam and certification, MCA UKLAP course, exam and certification by Southampton MCA Inspector in Antibes to obtain my UK MCA CeC Master unlimited ticket. Referee - Chief Engineer Veselin Teoharov.

 "... showed as a very organized, punctual and motivating team mate. He was equally active and helpful in organizing and providing his skills for both the exterior, ISM and ISPS maintenance and checks, and Engine room assistance too... He performed his duties with expertise and attention to the detail. He is a honest, reliable and hard-working person. His attitude ..." (Chief Engineer V. Teoharov)

September 2008 - February 2009                                        (Chief Officer as Safety Officer)                                              133m Seabourn Spirit               

- 133m Mega Yacht / World Cruiser Seabourn Spirit - as Chief Officer on a busy Worldwide charter cruising the Mediterranean Sea, Middle and Far East involved in daily stand-alone Watch-keeping and maneuvering through the busiest inland and open sea traffic zones and TSS schemes, strict Bridge record-keeping, Conducting Safety Checks, Drills and planned maintenance, lines handling for docking, crew management and disciplinary actions, stock control and provisioning, busy water sport activities and interactions with guests (Ko Kood island - Thailand). Referee - Captain Thoenis Soerensen.

 "Under my command he has proven himself to be most reliable Officer and well suited for this ultra luxury trade. He has excellent achievement possibilities, Navigational and Water Sports skills, and Safety and Security awareness and I look forward to sail with him again. I warmly recommend him as an asset on board in the luxury cruise market" (Captain T. Soerensen)

June 2008 - August 2008                                                                    (Captain)                                                                           20m MY Vesselina

- 20m Luxury Heesen Motor Yacht Vesselina - as a Captain cruising Khalkidhiki / Greece with duties: Wash-downs, Filler corrections, Painting, Routes preparing, Polishing, Navigational Watch, Charts corrections, Maneuvering, ISPS and ISM, Scuba Diving assistance and supervision, GMDSS Radio Officer, Lines handling, Engine maintenance, Accounting, Purchasing, Provisioning, Yacht representation, Events on board. Referee - Owner Mr. Balabanov.


February 2008 - May 2008                                                       (Captain and Chief Officer)                                                          41m MY Ladyship

- 41m Heesen Motor Yachts Ladyship - as Chief Officer and full charge Captain while cruising Mediterranean sea - visited ports in Malta, Naples, Montenegro and performed duties as Officer of  Navigational Watch, Safety Officer, Deck maintenance (painting, varnishing, fairing etc.) and checks, lines-handling, Navigational Charts correction and route preparation, exterior wash-downs, polishing, filler correction, passage planning, ISM and ISPS duties, accounting, purchasing and stock control, and oversaw her dry-docking period in Malta shipyard. Referee - Owner's representative Alexey Zotov.

 "... performed his work to the satisfaction of the Captain and the Management company, showing dedication to his duties and interest to learn... In particular he was in full charge of the Yacht and coped very well with the tasks assigned and with his communications to the office... he can be a good asset on board a large Yacht and we can recommend him to any ..." (Owner's representative Alexey Zotov)


Passenger  Fleet

(as Officer of Navigational Watch and Chief Officer 2006-2008)

Great stepping stone to the Yachting Industry!

5-plus stars modern big liners with the latest high-tech Integrated Bridge equipment and Azipod propulsion fitted on-board (stand-alone Watch-keeping Officer/Safety Officer/GMDSS Officer/Security & Port Papers Officer):

- Celebrity Cruises under the highest RCCL Navigational policy standard on-board cruising the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and Caribbean Sea Officer of Navigational Watch on Gas Turbines and Azipods propulsion equipped 300m 5-stars plus Passenger Liner GTS Constellation under Royal Caribbean (RCCL) Navigational Policy cruising the USA, Caribbean, and North, and Baltic Seas - Safety and Officer of Navigational Watch, Deckhands Management, GMDSS Radio Officer Safety equipment maintenance and checks , Lines handling etc.

- Seabourn Cruises - part of Yachts of Seabourn fleet cruising the Far East, Med Sea and Caribbean Sea (written reference from Captain Thoenis Soerensen)

Chief Officer - Officer of Navigational Watch, Safety Equipment Maintenance and Checks, Lines Handling, Deckhands Management,  Stock control. Busy Worldwide charter cruising the Mediterranean Sea, Middle and Far East involving me in daily stand-alone Watch-keeping through the busiest inland and open sea traffic zones and TSS schemes, strict Bridge record-keeping, Safety Officer - Drills, Checks and maintenance, lines handling, crew management, stock control, busy water toys activities and guests interactions. Lots of Water Toys activities in Thailand and Ko Kood Island.

- GTS Finnjet - legendary Passenger ship cruising the North Sea as a part of Silja Line fleet cruising The Bahamas (written reference from Captain Branko Skoric below) - Officer of Navigational Watch on 200m Passenger Ship GTS Finnjet (Commercial)   The Bahamas - Navigational and Safety Officer, Deckhands Management, GMDSS Radio Officer Safety equipment maintenance and checks , Lines handling etc. Referee - Captain B. Skoric

 "... a positive attitude and strong work ethic, excellent communication and interpersonal skills relating effectively to people at all levels, able to create a firm, friendly working atmosphere enabling the team to work efficiently, dealing tactfully and discretely with personnel matters. I recommend him as a responsible, trustworthy and honest with high personal and professional standards" (Captain B. Skoric)


Commercial  fleet

(as Officer of Navigational Watch 2000-2006)

Best source for higher safety standards!

Stand-alone Officer of Navigational Watch / Safety and Fire-Fighting equipment stock control and maintenance, Navigational Officer Chart corrections, Navigational Routes preparations, Cargo handling, Port papers preparation, Medical, GMDSS Radio Officer daily routines. Always under full ISM system.

Commercial ships I have served on include:

- 150m MV San Francisco (Ahrenkiel GmbH) – Officer of the Navigational Watch, Navigational Charts corrections, Routes, Lines handling, Deckhands control and supervision, Port papers preparation etc.  Excellent reference by Ahrenkiel GmbH Crew Manager S. Petkovic.

- 180m MV Cordelia (Ahrenkiel GmbH) - Officer of Navigational Watch, Ship Security Officer –  Navigational Charts corrections, Routes preparation, Lines handling, Deckhands control and supervision, Port papers preparation etc.

- 170m MV Columbus Queensland - Officer of Navigational Watch, Ship Security Officer – Navigational Watch and Charts corrections, Routes and Port papers preparation, Lines handling, Deckhands control and supervision

- 160m MV Europe Star - Officer of Navigational Watch - Navigational Watch and Charts corrections, Routes preparation, Lines handling, Deckhands control, and supervision

- 170m MV Egon Oldendorff - Officer of Navigational Watch - Officer of the Navigational Watch, Navigational Charts corrections, Lines handling, Deckhands control and supervision, Port papers preparations

- 200m MV Pacific Link–Assistant Officer of Navigational Watch, Deck maintenance – Chipping, De-Rusting, Painting, Cargo operations supervision, Chart corrections assistance, Lines handling, etc.

World marine traffic zones and crossings I sailed

5 circumnavigations, Pacific Ocean (more than 5 times), Atlantic Ocean (10+ times), Indian Ocean (5+ times) Oceans, Baltic, Adriatic, Yellow, China, Black and North Seas (average 5 times each), China Sea (10 + times), World?s busiest traffic zones as the English Channel (10 +times), Malacca strait, Suez (10+ times) and Panama (5+ times), U.A.E waterways, Arabian Gulf Roads, Japan, Korean, USA, African and European and American coastal waters.


Maritime University 6 years study

(Masters Degree - M.Sc. in Navigation attended 1993-1999)

Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Navigation with major subjects: High Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, Stability, Seaworthiness, Technical Drawing, Astronomy, Crew Management, Cargo handling and Securing, Meteorology, Ecology, Engineering, Marine Electronics, Cargo Transportation and Management, Safety at Sea, Radio communications, Maneuvering, Rules of the Road (COLREGs), Watch-keeping, Mechanics and Engineering


Marine Navy Military service

(Officer of Navigational Watch 1989-1992)

 Officer of Navigational Watch on-board a Military Frigate cruising the Black Sea.


Do not hesitate to contact me for job opening, new project or a professional advice!